The flora in Benijo Beach

The flora of Playa de Benijo is characterized by scrub species in the basal floor (plantation floor below 400m altitude), as well as coastal halophytic plants (vegetation adapted to high salinity conditions). In this way, in the surroundings of the beach and the farmhouse of the same name, vinegar, locksmith and tarajales stand out as the main elements of the basal floor. Closer to the coastal strip, on the beach and its cliff, we find specimens of sea fennel and sea lettuce.

Vinagrera (Rumex lunaria)

Rumex lunaria, vinagrera

Perennial plant, with a life of more than two years, with a highly branched shrub habit that can reach two meters, the stems are round and knotty, at first greenish and juicy, then brown to reddish, the leaves are succulent and a bright green color with constant renewal. The form is wide; cordate, oval, heart-shaped, often broader than long. The fruit is rounded with a size of 5 to 9 millimeters long and with a reddish-brown coloration. They are cordate at the base. It only has a peduncle. The flowering period is from December to May.

R. lunaria L. Shrub. Leaves often broader than long, truncated at the base, rounded at the apex. Inflorescence a compound panicle. Reniform or orbicular valves. Cruet.

ALL THE ISLANDS: Very common shrub in the lower zone, in Euphorbia communities; GRAN CANARIA: Cuesta de Silva, Moya, Tafira, Fataga, etc.; TENERIFE: Orotava Valley, Teno, Macizode Anaga.

Cerrajera (Sonchus sp.)

Sonchus-sp, Cerrajera en la Playa de Benijo

Shrubs or perennial herbs up to 3 m. Leaves toothed to pinnatisect. With few or many chapters. Involucral bracts in at least 3 rows, imbricate.

Scaleless receptacle. yellow florets. Cypselas not pointed, compressed, with
1-4 nerves. Pappus hairs of 2 types, rough bristles and softer, fasciculated hairs.
Lock, Lock.

Tarajal (Tamarix canariensis)

Tamarix canariensis, tarajal en la Playa de Benijo

Tamarix canariensis Willd. Shrub with brown bark leaning to reddish. Leaves from 1 to 3 millimeters. Spikes from 15 to 45 mm. Pedicelate flowers, pink, apiculate anthers. Commonly known as Tarajal.

It is distributed in La Gomera, La Palma, Gran Canaria, Tenerife, Lanzarote and Fuerteventura: It is abundant locally, in coastal regions, dunes, dry rocky areas near sea level, Maspalomas, El Médano, etc., forming small groves in some places .

Lechuga de mar (Astydamia latifolia)

Astydamia latifolia, lechuga de mar en la Playa de Benijo

A. latifolia, Leaves are pinnate or deeply incised, very thick and fleshy, with wide lobes, disappearing in summer. Compound umbels. Rays up to 15. Flowers yellow. Ripe fruits, with a cork texture, light brown in color, with 3 nerves and a somewhat dilated edge. Coastal regions of all islands, halophyte. Sea lettuce, sea chard, napkin holder.

TENERIFE: Frequent on cliffs on the North coast, Bajamar, Puerto de la Cruz, Teno, South coast, Playa de la Viuda, etc.

Hinojo Marino (Crithnum marinum)

Crithmum maritimum, hinojo de mar en la Playa de Benijo

Crithmum maritimum L. With pale yellow flowers and leaves with linear lobes, it is also frequent on coastal rocks in most of the islands (Mediterranean region-Northwestern Europe).

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