The tide at Playa de Benijo

One of the most important things when planning a visit to Playa de Benijo is to take into account the time of the tides, this fact can make the difference between enjoying a spectacular beach or settling for a narrow strip of sand next to it. to the hillside where to put the towel.

In this way, before heading to the beach it is more than advisable to look at the tide prediction and go to the beach at the times when low tide is dominant,

The sandy area of La Playa de Benijo at low tide can easily reach 50 meters from the slope to the seashore, at high tide this strip of sand can be reduced to only 10 meters, even when there are spring tides, the sand from the beach is completely submerged and it is common to see bathers on the rocks of the slope waiting for the low tide.

When the tide is low it is really when you can enjoy the beach in all its dimension, in these conditions it is common to see couples playing paddles (beach tennis) or groups playing soccer, there are people who, due to their proximity, venture to reach the Roque de Benijo and it is common to see people photographing themselves next to and on top of the rock formations that the sea reveals in this phase of the tide.

* There is no measurement buoy on the beach itself, thus, the data from the neighboring beach of Almáciga is taken as a reference.

Webcam Benijo Beach

In addition to the cycle of tides and the weather conditions in Benijo Beach, there is another very useful tool to decide the excursion to the sandbank of the Anaga farmhouse, and it is none other than the webcam installed on the western flank next to the access to the beach. beach. This will allow us to see in real time the state of the tide and the weather conditions in Benijo.

Unfortunately, the installation in recent times has been a recurring target of vandals who have sometimes left the camera without service, fortunately the repair and putting it back into service has always been carried out quickly and luckily the service can continue to be used. Access the Benijo Beach webcam.

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