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Benijo beach is the most magical and wild of the sandbanks that the island of Tenerife has

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Benijo Beach is located in the northeast of the island of Tenerife, in the Anaga Rural Park, in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Its relative inaccessibility, its wonderful semi-wild environment, its large sandy area, and above all, its magical atmosphere make it one of the best beaches on the island.

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You can find dozens of beaches in Tenerife, larger and more beautiful, more accessible and better for swimming, with more services and better parking. However, you will never find one with the magic of Benijo Beach.

Location of Benijo Beach

Benijo Beach is located within the Anaga Rural Park, at the northern end of the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, at the foot of the hamlet of the same name and adjacent to the sister beach of Almáciga. The beach is flanked by two prominent rock formations, Benijo and La Rapadura, which frame it and give it extraordinary appeal.

The beach

The sandy area is approximately 300 meters long and 30 meters wide, with fine black grain. The sand is of basaltic origin. Generally, the sand is more abundant during the summer months, while stones accumulate during the winter period.

Access to Benijo Beach

Access to Benijo Beach, until recently, was neither comfortable nor safe. A long path of dirt and stones, not always well maintained, led to the beach, making it not recommended for less experienced walkers.

Recently, in February 2022, after two years of work, the renovation of the access is a reality and now the tortuous descent has become a pleasant walk. Wood has largely replaced the dirt and stones, and a sturdy railing lines the entire route, adding an extra level of safety to the access.

The walk, at a normal pace, can take about 10 minutes over sections of stairs and walkways. As is evident, the return journey should be taken slowly to avoid arriving exhausted at the road.

In the new access conditions, it is not essential to wear sports shoes, and now you can easily tackle the descent or ascent in flip-flops or sandals.

Nuevo acceso a la playa de benijo

Due to the inaccessible nature of the location, the beach lacks services such as showers, beach bars, and even lifeguards from October to May. Visitors should therefore be cautious and bring their own provisions and be prudent when swimming.

This same inaccessibility gives Benijo Beach a wild character and maintains it with low occupancy almost all year round. This privacy makes it the perfect place for naturism enthusiasts. On the beach, families, groups of friends, and hikers who take a break to admire the fantastic sandy area all coexist harmoniously.

Swimming at Benijo Beach

The Atlantic at Benijo generally churns with force; the currents are intense and have a strong pulling power, so extreme caution should be taken and one should avoid straying too far from the shore. However, swimming at Benijo Beach is extremely fun and exhilarating. Playing with the waves and letting yourself be rocked by them in the always clear and refreshing ocean water is an unparalleled experience.

advertencia peligrosidad Playa de Benijo

The truth is that Benijo Beach changes dramatically depending on the tide. At high tide, Benijo Beach is reduced to a narrow strip of sand next to the rugged hillside. However, at low tide, Benijo is quite a spectacle. The receding sea reveals a beach over 50 meters wide. A thin film of water remains on the black sand, turning it into a mirror reflecting the sky and the rocks that flank the beach.

Additionally, low tide reveals the “jacuzzi,” a small rock formation located in the middle of the beach. At low tide, a small natural pool is formed, fed by the waves that crash from the back and sneak into the small cavity calmly. It’s a true delight for swimming.

The sunset at Benijo Beach

A special mention deserves the sunset from the beach. Waiting for dusk to watch the sun go down becomes almost an obligation; the reddish light tints the entire surroundings, and the show is guaranteed. After an intense day at the beach, there is no better gift than to go home with the memory in your eyes and on your phone’s camera roll of such an exquisite natural display.

puesta de sol en la Playa de Benijo

Camping at Benijo Beach

Camping at Benijo Beach is not allowed, but no one will stop you from extending your day and sleeping under the stars. If you choose to do so, it’s better to do it in the summer months since the rest of the year the weather conditions may not be favorable for this activity. Spending the night at Benijo gives you the opportunity to witness new natural displays: a truly hypnotic starry sky and the initially unsettling “guaña guaña” sound produced by the shearwaters that fly over the beach and nest on the cliffs.


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