Benijo beach

Benijo beach is the most magical and wild of the sandbanks that the island of Tenerife has

Benijo Beach is located northeast of the island of Tenerife, in the Anaga Rural Park, in the municipality of Santa Cruz de Tenerife. Its relative inaccessibility, its wonderful semi-wild environment, its large sandbanks and, above all, its magical atmosphere make it one of the best beaches on the island.

Discover on our website all the peculiarities of the beach, where to eat nearby, where to park, how to get there and the state of the tide on the beach.

In addition, in our FAQ section, we will answer the most frequently asked questions by travelers who want to venture to discover Benijo Beach, giving complete information to questions such as, Can you do nudism on Benijo Beach? Can pets be brought to Playa de Benijo? Is access to the beach dangerous? Discover this and many other issues in this section of our website

Delve into one of the most incredible places on the island of Tenerife with the website, organize your visit to the beach, relax with the sand, the sun and the waves, book your table at one of the restaurants in the area and let yourself be captivated by the most magical of the island’s beaches.

If you are a lover of Tenerife and its nature, you cannot miss this wonderful beach in the north of the island and to discover it you must visit all the sections of our website that will teach you all the secrets of the best Tenerife beach.


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