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Where to eat in Playa de Benijo

After an intense day at the beach in Benijo and after saving the steep road back there will be nothing better than to recharge your batteries in one of the restaurants that border the sandy area. Find out where to eat at Playa de Benijo.

Restaurant El Mirador

Without a doubt, this is the first option that visitors to Benijo Beach choose to eat, its impressive views make it a privileged place to taste good fish while admiring the majestic beach.

El Mirador restaurant has a small indoor dining room with just 4 tables but undoubtedly its attraction lies in its terrace that enjoys unbeatable views.

The restaurant is austere in terms of furniture and decoration.The interior dining room, the least crowded for obvious reasons, has 4 tables, for its part, the outdoor dining room, outdoors and with breathtaking views, has 6 tables.

The menu of the restaurant El Mirador de Benijo is divided into 4 fundamental blocks, starters, salads, main dishes and desserts, in this way, among the starters you can find: the delicious Benijo cheese with Canarian mojo or honey, the creamy pâté de cod with toasts of bread or the super typical wrinkled potatoes with red and green mojo. Salads are also one of the specialties, so you can choose between the very Canarian goat cheese and palm honey salad or the prawn and avocado salad. As a main course, you can choose the fresh grilled fish of the day (cherne, pámpano, amberjack …), the Saharan squid or the rice with fish and seafood. The list of desserts does not lag behind the rest of the menu, so you can choose between a delicious hot chocolate culant or a winning combination; strawberries with palm honey and cream.

Dónde comer en la Playa de Benijo: Restaurate el Mirador

Restaurant el Frontón

The next option where to eat in Playa de Benijo is El Frontón Restaurant. It is an establishment specializing in fish, with a spacious dining room and a splendid terrace with wonderful views over the beach.

The restaurant has a generous parking lot at its access, which is appreciated given the difficulty of parking in the area. The main dining room, an open space, accommodates around 12 tables, the decoration is sober and only highlights the brightness of the place that is achieved thanks to the glass that almost completely surrounds the space. The terrace of the El Frontón restaurant deserves a separate mention, without a doubt the right choice if you want to eat while enjoying incredible views of Playa de Benijo. The tables next to the glass railing are the most desired for the magnificent panorama they offer, so you must arrive early or request them in advance to achieve a position of authentic privilege.

The menu at the El Frontón restaurant is extensive, including grilled cheese with blueberry jam, and the always fresh limpets, an authentic delicacy that the foreign public cannot fail to discover. Without a doubt, the first dishes include the always outstanding and generous fish of the day, the tasty fried octopus and the juicy tuna croquettes. Of course, all of the above must always be accompanied by wrinkled potatoes, which give the perfect counterpoint to any dish and are almost a must on any Canarian table. The dessert menu is not very varied, but the meager list of dishes in this category is inversely proportional to their quality, thus, you can find a delicious and smooth quesillo, a rich coffee cake or the famous and multiversioned en Tenerife Uruguayan powder.

Restaurant La Venta Marrero

It is the latest addition to the gastronomic scene in Benijo. The establishment is just 50 meters from the beach access and is installed in an old flowerbed, now converted into a terrace restaurant, with excellent views over the Playa de Benijo, and generous parking for its customers.

The main premises is a prefabricated wooden house that is located at the entrance of the land, it has some tables outside that are mainly intended for people who only come to have a snack, reserving the terrace area “viewpoint” for the customers who come to lunch at the restaurant. From there you get an excellent view of the vast sandy area and the rocks that guard Benijo beach like sentinels.

The menu does not differ too much from what the rest of the restaurants in the area offer, in this way, the fish of the day stands as the main course and an undoubtedly winning choice. The list of dishes is completed with the tasty fried octopus, the tender squid a la romana, the juicy limpets or the always delicious fried sardines.

The wrinkled potatoes are almost mandatory as an accompaniment to any dish and if we also pair them with mojo, red or green, the experience will be complete.

The sweet counterpoint to an opulent lunch at the Venta Marrero restaurant is provided by the delicious cheesecake with blueberries that should be accompanied with a small bar to round off a championship lunch.

Restaurant Casa Paca

The most unique and traditional of the restaurants in the Benijo area is without a doubt Casa Paca. The establishment is about 150 meters from the beach exit on the right side of the road that leads to the farmhouse. It is a family business that until a few years ago was run by a very peculiar and endearing character, Paca. Paca, already very old, was surly and direct, but one of those rare people who, because they are brutally sincere and honest, are fond of them. It was not unusual in the 1990s to see groups of boys, usually campers, wandering around the kitchen and pouring beers without Paca’s supervision, who gave carte blanche to people, who had usually earned their money. confidence. Paca sadly passed away a few years ago, but the business continues now run by his niece. Its cuisine has not changed, the prices have, although still very cheap, it has no comparison with those of a decade ago.

The local is extremely humble. The walls are decorated with photographs of Anaga and an old oil painting marina with a gold frame. The interior dining room has 4 tables that can accommodate 16 people, a small bar separates it from the work area. Outside there are a couple more tables, these for two people each, given the narrow space between the wall and the road, crossing this there is a small terrace covered by reed and vegetation that houses three more tables.

In Paca, do not ask about the menu, there is what it says on the blackboard and generally in this you will find the typical dishes of a guachinche, without pretensions, but authentically homemade food and with a lot of flavor. In this way, almost always at Casa Paca you will be able to enjoy chickpeas that you wish would never run out, a delicious escaldón and of course a delicious soft cheese. Rabbit, goat meat and fiesta meat are the carnivorous quota on the blackboard. Potas in sauce, limpets, octopus and sardines give the marine counterpoint to the list of dishes. Finally, it would be almost an offense not to try the potatoes with mojo, which almost magically pairs perfectly with all of the above.


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